Algeciras Spain: Visiting An Old World City

Algeciras Spain: Visiting An Old World City

We are discussing here Algeciras Spain: Visiting An Old World CityAlgeciras is a Spanish port city in the southern part of Andalusia in the Mediterranean Sea.

Al-KA-Thi-Ras, as we know it in English, but many locals and non-Andalusian Spaniards pronounce it. If you pronounce it in the English style AL-JE-CEE-RAS, many people just look at you and don’t know what you’re talking about.

The city of Algeciras, with a population of over 115,000, is actually a medium-sized city, part of the metro area of ​​about 260,000 people. Located in southern Spain, the North African and Middle Eastern population is high. Algeciras Spain: Visiting An Old World City.

History of Algeciras

Like the Gibraltar rock about 4 miles to the east, there is evidence of human settlement in Algeciras before Roman or prehistoric times. However, the original establishment of the city was mostly Roman.

Due to its strategic location, the city of Al Jazeera has been a place of conflict for centuries. After his rehabilitation, the Moors, who invaded Spain in 711, and the Roman Reigns, invaded, conquered, and destroyed Algerius more than once. Algeciras Spain: Visiting An Old World City.

Algeciras Spain: Visiting An Old World City


Being a major port, Al Jazeera’s economy is largely industry-based.  The port of Algeciras remains the 16th busiest port in the world, despite the economic crisis. Fisheries, export/import, and many agricultural products from rural farms, including grains, tobacco, and farm animals.

Algeciras is not a prosperous city, and this is somewhat obvious as it is not the best kept in Spanish cities. Given the state of the nation’s poor economy, people still take great pride in their city.


In recent years, Algeciras has become a tourist destination, as transportation makes it easier to travel to Algeciras. One can travel to Algeciras in Madrid, by bus or by car, in the manner of La Linea / Gibraltar, Morocco on the ferry.

Algeciras has no airport, though there is a heliport with scheduled flights across the African continent to the Spanish city of Quetta. The closest airport to Algeciras is actually in British-controlled Gibraltar. However, due to politics, you can only get direct flights to and from Gibraltar to England.

The nearest international airport to the Spanish mainland is the Jerez Airport, 63 miles west of Algeciras.

Like many other European cities, Algeciras has a well-connected bus and brain system. Bus and train stations are across the street from each other. You can pre-purchase your train tickets by going early

so you can avoid the situation of ‘no seats available’.

You will have plenty of time to ask any questions and to understand which buses are direct or need changes. Additionally, departure and arrival times are subject to change, so you can confirm your next ride time and date. If you arrive late in the evening, remember to arrive at your hotel before night falls. By the way, the Algeciras bus station seems to have the cleanest public bathroom in town! Algeciras Spain: Visiting An Old World City.

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